MCT-300 – Exhaust Fans

Exhaust Fans

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Exhaust Fans
MCT-200MCT-200 - Exhaust Fans200"Stainless Steel
MCT-200CMCT-200C - Exhaust Fans200"Powder Coated Steel
MCT-200CHMCT-200CH - 5 Mt Flexible Ducting to suite Exhaust Fans8"5 Mt Flexible Ducting
MCT-300MCT-300 - Exhaust Fans300"Stainless Steel
MCT-300CMCT-300C - Exhaust Fans300"Powder Coated Steel
MCT-300CHMCT-300CH - 5 Mt Flexible Ducting to suite Exhaust Fans12"5 Mt Flexible Ducting
MCT-400CMCT-400C - Exhaust Fans400"Powder Coated Steel



Frequency HZ: 50

Flow Rate  m3/min: 70

Static Pressure: 490pa

Blade Dia: 280m/m


Motor :

Watts HP:520


Voltage V:240



Weight Kgs: 14


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