Screw Type Jack Stand

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Jack Stand
SKUNameCapacityMin HeightMax HeightN.W./G.W.PriceBuy
BJ-10034JS2 Ton Jack Stand2000Kg295MM434MM6.7/7.16KG
BJ-10064JS4 Ton Jack Stand4000Kg613MM392MM14/15KG
BJ-10064JS-18Ton Jack Stand8000Kg730MM470MM27.8/29 KG
BJ-150001JSJack Stand15 Ton450750MM22.5/24.5 kg
BJ-150002JSJack Stand15 Ton6501100MM30/32 kg
BJ-15000JS15 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stand (sold each)15000KG450mm750mm22.5/24.5
BJ-20011Screw Type Jack Stand20 Ton420680MM27/29 kg
BJ-20012Screw Type Jack Stand20 Ton6651170MM37.5/39.5 kg
BJ-2500125 Ton Jack Stand25 Ton415640MM23.5/25.5 kg
BJ-2500225 Ton Jack Stand25 Ton6751050MM33.5/35.5 kg
T412002Jack Stand12Ton465715MM27.8/29 KG
T412002AJack Stand6Ton465715MM
TL-19021Ratchet Axle Stand2 Ton270MM425MM5/5.5 /pair

Screw low stand fitted with thrust bearing

Sold Individually

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