TOP-514 – Aluminium Pipe Wrench

Aluminium Pipe Wrench

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Pipe Wrench
SKUNameSizeMax Jaw Opening(mm)PriceBuy
TOP-514TOP-514 - Aluminium Pipe Wrench14” (360mm)70
TOP-518TOP-518 - Aluminium Pipe Wrench18” (460mm)80
TOP-524TOP-524 - Aluminium Pipe Wrench24” (610mm)90
TOP-536TOP-536 - Aluminium Pipe Wrench36” (915mm)110
TOP-548TOP-548 - Aluminium Pipe Wrench48” (1220mm)125
TOP-608TOP-608 - All Steel Pipe Wrench8” (200mm)30mm
TOP-610TOP-610 - All Steel Pipe Wrench10” (250mm)50mm
TOP-612TOP-612 - All Steel Pipe Wrench12” (300mm)60
TOP-614TOP-614 - All Steel Pipe Wrench14” (360mm)70
TOP-618TOP-618 - All Steel Pipe Wrench18” (460mm)80
TOP-624TOP-624 - All Steel Pipe Wrench24” (610mm)90
TOP-636TOP-636 - All Steel Pipe Wrench36” (915mm)110
TOP-648TOP-648 - All Steel Pipe Wrench48” (1220mm)125mm
TOP-660TOP-660 - All Steel Pipe Wrench60” (1525mm)200
TOP-718TOP-718 - Hawk Pipe Wrench Aluminium18”60mm
TOP-OS614TOP-OS614 - Aluminium Handle Offset Pipe Wrench14"2” (50mm)
TOP-OS618TOP-OS618 - Aluminium Handle Offset Pipe Wrench18"2-1/2” (62mm)
TOP-OS624TOP-OS624 - Aluminium Handle Offset Pipe Wrench24"3” (75mm)

Hardened and tempered.
Up to 30% lighter than standard Pipe Wrenches.
Aluminium body with forged carbon steel jaws.

Size: 14” (360mm)

Max Jaw Opening: 70mm

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